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“Sri Ramachandra University will emerge as one of the TOP TWENTY FIVE Medical and Allied Sciences Universities in the Asian Region by contributing to high quality Education, Healthcare, Biomedical Translational Research and Institutional Social Responsibility service to the Society”


SRI RAMACHANDRA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (SRIHER) is committed to the pursuit of excellence in research and aiming to achieve international recognition through interdepartmental and inter-institutional collaborative research programmes across the spectrum of Medical, Dental,Biomedical Sciences, Allied Health sciences,Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Public Health, Sports sciences, Clinical Research and Engineering & Technology. The thematic approach of translational research- ‘Bench to Bedside’ through basic and applied research is projected to yield a long-term health benefit to the society at large. SRIHER shall ensure that all the core and disciplines flourish in research by adopting the highest ethical norms and research standards of a scholarly undertaking.


“International Quality Research productivity of SRIHER is the sum total of Faculty - Commitment for quality research, R&D ecosystem creation, proactive reforms in Research Promotion policy by administration and financial support proportionate to the mission – mode research strategy.”

  • This document provides the information on research policy and research promotional activities of SRIHER.
  • This document also outlines the principles that should be taken into account integrating Research Integrity and Responsible conduct of research as well as the ethical principles that should be followed strictly while recording, reporting and applying the results obtained to societal health and wellness.
  • To provide excellent research culture, infrastructure and ecosystem
  • To create the built in provision for inter –disciplinary/multi-disciplinary collaborations and a platform for knowledge sharing
  • Publish papers in high-quality journals of international repute, file patents and transfer technologies to relevant industries .
  • Quality monitoring and Quality evaluation of research outputs and publications through appropriate Committees
  • Promote ‘Entrepreneurship and Start-up culture in SRIHER besides Incubatees
  • Create quality human resources for scientific research
  • Implement Financial support systems for research promotion among students, researchers and faculty members
  • Promote industrial collaborations involving active and mutually beneficial R&D projects through an University-level Consultancy Policy
  • Aim to stand among the top-notch Research Universities across the globe

4.10. Promote globalization of research and education to achieve Global visibility

  • 6.0. SRIHER – Research Promotion Support Schemes : updated norms, guidelines and annual fund allocation (Approved in the meeting of the Board of Management held on 18.10.2014- Resolution No. 16 )

Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher education and Research (DU) has been periodically introducing a series of ‘Research Promotion support schemes’ for UG/PG students, Ph.D. Scholars and faculty members depending upon the demand for each of these initiatives. It is now proposed to structure them under the “SRIHER – Research Promotion Support Schemes” with updated norms, guidelines and annual fund allocation.

SCHEME – I Chancellor Under Graduate Summer Research


  • Guidelines:
  1. All UG Students of all disciplines of SRIHER are eligible. The call flyer would be sent by Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research) in the month of March, every year to all department of SRIHER. Interested students have to develop a feasible student research proposal in the format provided under the guidance of a faculty member and submit three copies to Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research), Central Research Facility, SRIHER by 15th April for selection and award.
  2. He/she will be paid a fellowship of Rs. 10,000/- fixed.
  3. The Fellowship is tenable only for the work conducted in the indicated department at Sri Ramachandra University.
  4. The fellow(s) shall work in the departments of the university/constituent colleges under the guidance of the recognised supervisor and under the overall supervision of the Head of the Department concerned.
  5. During the tenure of fellowship, the fellow must diligently engage in the identified topic of research. Arrangements need to be made to report on his/her work and progress from time to time by the supervisor and the Head of the Department concerned.
  6. Payment of the fellowship will be made based on the requisition sent by the fellow through Supervisor/Head of the Department concerned.
  7. Each fellow shall submit two copies of the report embodying the results of his/her Summer Research Project to the Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research), on completion of the fellowship, duly certified by the Supervisor and Head of the Department concerned.
  8. UG students who complete their projects would be encouraged to publish their research work in indexed journal(s) meeting the entire publication expenses
  • Duration: Two months during summer vacation of UG students during April/May or May-June of every year.
  • Number of Fellowships: 75 per year as per the distribution given below for each of the eight faculty UGs of the University.



30 Fellowships (Each year; 3)



20 Fellowships (Each year: 3)

Other UGs


25 Fellowships

  • Annual Budget allocation: 7.50 Lakhs

SCHEME – II Chancellor’s PG. Dissertation/Project Subsidy scheme:

  • Guidelines:
  1. Post-graduates under all the Faculties of SRU who are required to carry out a research dissertation/research project in partial fulfillment for the award of their PG degree would be eligible for this scheme.
  2. Requisition for the scheme should consist of the summary of the project proposal, the type of research tests/investigations to be performed on the number of study subjects and projected costing for the studies. It is to be submitted to Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research), SRIHER through the Supervisor of the Project/dissertation with recommendations of the Head of the respective Department.
  • The office of Dean (Research) would provide the computer code number to each of the PG, which would facilitate him/her to avail 50% concession on all the investigational charges that are normally levied by the Medical Centre/Hospital or the research laboratories of the University.
  • All post-graduates shall be required to write-up at least one manuscript for publication out of the project/dissertation preferably in an indexed journal as per the guidance provided by the Supervisor/Head of the department based on the guidelines already provided by the Publication Guidelines Committee, CRF of the Deemed to be University.
  • Every postgraduate shall submit a copy of the final manuscript submitted to a journal to CRF.
  • Annual budget: Rs. 25.00 lakhs.

SCHEME – III Founder Chancellor Fellowship for Ph.D. Candidates

  • Guidelines:
  1. The Founder Chancellor Fellowships are open only to candidates opting the Ph.D. programme of SRIHER as full-time candidates.
  2. The eligibility of candidates applying for the Ph.D programme of SRU under the various Faculties of the University would be as per the updated “Ph.D. – Regulations of SRIHER” displayed in SRIHER – Website.
  • All candidates applying for this fellowship have to appear for the All India level entrance examination conducted by the Deemed to be university during the months of January and July after due advertisement in the newspaper(s) and SRIHER-Website
  1. The provisional selection of the candidates for award of these Ph.D. fellowships will be based on the inter-se merit of the candidates as per their entrance examination marks obtained by them and the viva-voce examinations conducted by the Ph.D admission committee.
  2. The final selection of candidates for registering for Ph.D. will be after approval of the Ph.D. research proposal by the Ph.D. admission committee after a presentation cum-interview
  3. Each fellowship will carry Rs. 12,000/per month for a duration of three years along with a contingency grant of Rs. 50,000/- per annum.
  • The details of the process of selection
  • Number of Founder Chancellor Fellowships: 25 per year covering all disciplines of the University.
  • Annual Budget: 50.00 lakhs

SCHEME – IV: SRIHER-Growth & Advancement Towards Excellence

(GATE) – Research Starter Grant

  • Guidelines:
  1. Entry level faculty members of all faculties of SRU at the level of Assistant Professor/Lecturer alone are eligible for this scheme, since the other faculty members at the level of Associate Professors/Professors would be guided for preparing major research proposals to be submitted to various funding agencies.
  2. This scheme is for young faculty members who start their teaching and research career to develop preliminary research data based on which, the awardees would be encouraged to submit major research proposals to national funding agencies.
  • The call for research proposals would be made by Dean of Faculties, SRIHER in the months of August every year along with the proforma for submission of the proposal to be submitted by the end of August of that year.
  1. All proposals received would be evaluated for their quality by Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research) through experts and final recommendations on GATE Grant would be made. The award would be intimated by the Dean of Faculties.
  2. Previous years applicants except those awarded GATE – Grant are eligible to apply.
  3. The Project period is one year from the date of sanction and is expected to be conducted by the faculty member himself or herself. Hence no manpower would be supported in the Grant.
  • The budget heads under which the grant would be provided are as follows:

Total budget: Rs.1 lakh.

Laboratory Consumables/ Field expenses: Maximum of Rs.60,000/-

Purchase of minor equipment : Rs.15,000/-

Data Management and report preparation : Rs.5,000/-

Travel expenses related to scientific presentations : Rs.5,000/-

Administrative expenses(including phone/fax/photocopying/

auditing): Rs.5,000/-

Publication costs (including page charges for Journal articles): Rs.5,000/-

Costs for proposal submission to external funding agencies: Rs.5,000/-

Upto10% budgeted may be transferred across line items.

However the PI can apportion the quantum under each head as per the requirement with suitable justification within the maximum limit of Rs.1.0 lakh

  • It is expected that the grantee shall submit the report of the research done in duplicate copies to the Professor of Eminence & Dean(Research) and to publish the outcome of research in an indexed journal
  • Duration of Grant: One year from the date of receipt of the grant award letter.
  • Quantum of Grant: Maximum of Rs. 1.0 lakh/ per faculty member.
  • Annual Budget : 25 lakhs.

SCHEME – V: Publication Support Grant:

  • Guideline:
  1. All full-time faculty members, Ph.D scholars, PG and UG students whose manuscripts are accepted in indexed journals included in the indexing databases-SCOPUS/Web of Science/Pub Med/UGC website list of journals with Impact Factor are eligible for this grant.
  2. The grant to be paid or reimbursed would include only the printing charges as specified by the publishers of the indexed journal which has accepted the manuscript of the above specified author(s) based on the invoice received.
  • The quantum of grant would be actual or with out a ceiling upto Rs.50,000/- per publication

SCHEME – VI: Financial Support for Research paper Presentation in

National/ International Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/

Training programmes

  • Guidelines:
  1. Financial assistance is meant for Faculty members of all Faculties of SRIHER for attending International/ National level Conferences.
  2. Eligibility: A faculty should have completed one year of service in the institution and should submit required documents.
  • How to apply? – A letter of request with the relevant documents on Paper acceptance/invitation should be forwarded to the Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research)/Dean of Faculties through the Head of the Department and Dean/Principal.
  1. Each Faculty member is eligible to seek financial assistance from SRIHER for presenting papers, once in a year, in a National conference/Seminar/Workshop, if supported by acceptance letter/invitation letter. For participating in International Conference/Seminar/Workshop, each faculty member can avail financial support only once in two years
  2. For participation in International Conference: A faculty member can seek reimbursement only if he/she is a presenter/first author/invited speaker/orator, provided no other agency had given financial help for the same. A faculty is not eligible for reimbursement, for just chairing a session or attending the conference.
  3. Reimbursement will cover the following components:
  • Registration not exceeding US $ 1000 together
  • A – US $ 100 per day of attendance at the not

Conference and exceeding

  • A. 50% of Travelling expenses (Economy Class Rs. 1.00 lakh

  • Financial Support Claim can be made once in two years by a faculty member.
  • For participation in National Conference: A faculty member can seek reimbursement only if he/she is a presenter/first author/ Invited speaker/orator, provided no other agency had given financial help for the same. A faculty is not eligible for reimbursement, for just chairing a session or attending the conference.

Reimbursement will cover the following components:

  • Registration fee – full amount
  • A. – Rs. 2,500/- per day of attendance for Professors and Associate Professors
  • 1,500/- day of attendance for others
  • A. – Airfare (Economy Class)/First class AC for Professors and Associate Professors – II class A/c for others
  • Claim can be made once in a year every year
  1. Period: For this purpose, the period from 1st April of an year to 31st of March next year shall be taken as “one year”
  2. For Workshops/Trainings:

Expenses can be reimbursed if it is conducted by a national Association/national Institute/Industry/University and is supported by recommendations of the Head of the Department/Course Chairperson.

  1. Financial Support to Students:

This scheme is also available for Under-Graduate/Post-Graduate/Ph.D students who may be supported based on the same conditions applicable to faculty members and with recommendations of HOD and Principal/Dean.

  • The quantum of support for students is restricted to only National Conferences/ Workshops and Trainings, if there is no other provision in the departmental funds or Sponsored research projects available.
  • The travel support is only by III Tier A/c with D.A. as per University norms, along with actual registration.
  • The Annual budget for Scheme V and VI would be Rs. 50.00 lakhs.

General implementation guidelines:

  1. All the above grant schemes would be co-ordinated by Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research), SRIHER and administered through the office of Central Research Facility, SRU.
  2. In general terms, an annual increase of 10-15% in budget allocation for each of the support programmes under the scheme would be provided. However, SRIHER reserves the right to have financial control over the entire list of schemes.
  • An annual report on the “SRIHER – Research Promotion Support Schemes” would be presented before the Finance Committee and the BOM for review and approval.

7.0.Strategic plan to achieve quality mandate of Faculty Research Publications by NAAC accreditation and NIRF / QS / TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION Ranking


SRIHER is steering up towards preparing for NAAC-Cycle 3 accreditation in 2019. Since the validity of the present NAAC accreditation is upto September, 2019, the SRIHER-IIQA and SSR submission has to be uploaded in May, 2019. This provides us only four months to get prepared with all requirements including all the evidence based documentation. It is pertinent to state that SRIHER presently enjoys the NAAC-Grade of ‘A’ with the CGPA of 3.62/4. Based on this meritorious achievement, the MHRD / UGC has placed SRIHER under Category – I universities as per the UGC (Graded autonomy) Regulations, 2018. However, it is valid upto September, 2019; ie as long as SRIHER continues to have valid NAAC accreditation status with the CGPA of above 3.51/4.

7.2. Process

In view of the above circumstances, SRIHER is developing a strategic plan to fill in the perceived quality gaps identified on the basis of NAAC – Revised Accreditation Manual for Health Sciences universities. One of the most important and urgent quality benchmark is the Faculty: Publication ratio of “atleast one publication per one faculty (1:1/year) per year in journals indexed in SCOPUS / Web of Science / Pubmed – data bases” and the UGC recognised list of journals hosted in the UGC – website. No other indexing data base like Index Copernicus / Indian citation index, etc., is eligible for consideration.

Further, the world university rankings like QS, TIMES etc., also accept only publications in the indexed journals included in SCOPUS / Web of Science / Pub Med databases.

7.3.Strategic Plan:

  1. From January 2019, the publication requirements for promotion of faculty members at the levels of Tutors / Demonstrators, Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Readers, Associate Professors to the next higher cadres shall be fulfilled by research articles published only in journals indexed in SCOPUS / Web of Science / Pub Med / UGC data bases only. All other specifications for promotion shall continue to be the same as stipulated by the respective Regulatory Council
  1. Since Regulatory Councils laid down only minimum standards for strict adherence, as Category-I Deemed to be University, SRIHER resolves to stipulate a higher quality bench mark for publication requirements for appointment and promotions.
  1. All post-graduates who require to submit dissertations / projects as a part of curricular norms stipulated by respective Regulatory Council, shall also prepare the manuscript for publication out of the dissertation / project work and submit for publication parallelly. The guides / supervisors are required to provide necessary support and guidance for fulfilling this requirement so as to enable submission of the manuscript for publication only to SCOPUS / Web of Science / Pub Med indexed journals / UGC approved journal list along with submission of dissertation / project report to SRIHER for the final university examination.
  1. As it is observed that many of the Professors of the departments of SRIHER donot publish research articles in indexed journals after their promotion as Professor, It is now proposed that all professors in various departments of SRIHER shall publish atleast one research article per year in the form of original Research communications, Review articles, Case reports, Letters to the Editor, Editorials etc., However all these should only be in the indexed journals included in Scopus / Web of Science / Pub Med and UGC approved list of journals.
  1. It is also observed that many of the candidates registered for Ph.D. eventhough they comply with the UGC / SRIHER requirements of two publications before submission of synopsis, these publications are invariably in journals indexed in Index Copernicus or in a variety of non-indexed journals. Hence, it is recommended that all Ph.D. candidates shall have to publish atleast Two original research articles out of the Ph.D. work besides the Review paper only in indexed journals included in SCOPUS / Web of Science / Pub Med and UGC approved list of journals.
  1. It is also recommended that SRIHER, as an incentivizing mechanism, shall reimburse 100% publication expenses of such research articles published only in indexed journals included in Scopus / Web of Science / Pub Med and UGC approved list of journals. The present ceiling in the reimbursement of publication expenses shall be henforth removed.
  1. In order to comply with the UGC – Regulation – 2018 on Minimum Qualification of Ph.D for appointment as Assistant Professors in all Faculties of SRIHER except Medical and Dental Colleges, it is recommended that all teachers at the levels of Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Reader / Associate Professor / Professor without Ph.D qualification working under the Faculties of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Public Health and Management shall be required to complete their Ph.D and get their degrees by 2021.
  1. With effect from January 2019, all the conference abstract books, workshop book, seminar volumes etc., shall be titled as Proceedings of the Conference / Workshop / Seminar and reshaped and printed with the help of professional / reputed printers and brought out as ISSN / ISBN publications. Similarly all “Rapid Review series, conducted by the departments of SRIHER shall be titled as “updates” “ Eg updates in Anaesthesiology 2019” etc., This effort will also help to comply with NAAC requirements of Books, Proceedings / Papers etc.
  1. On analysis of the faculty: publication ratio of SRIHER, significant number of departments are below the minimum requirements of 1:1 per faculty per year, stipulated by UGC and NAAC. Hence it is recommended that the Heads of the departments along with the members of the departmental committee will evolve a fast-track strategy in close co-ordination with Professor of Eminence & Dean (Research) to achieve this target forthwith.
  1. In order to motivate all faculty members, a comprehensive Performance – Linked, Incentive system, which is under development in SRIHER, shall be placed before the BoM in its next meeting for consideration.
  • Medical sciences & Technology park with industries on campus, incubation centre, pre-clinical & translational R&D centre and Business development centre with Clinical Research &trials
  • Policy decision of DU in providing equal importance for Research as essential duty of faculty members, provision of funds in the budget of the DU and commitment by all tiers of senior management
  • Minimum Faculty: Publication ratio (1:2 year); Faculty: Funded project ratio (1:1) etc.,-New
  • Promoting strategies for international Research visibility of DU
  • Increasing the number and quantum of fulltime Ph.D fellowships & contingencies.
  • Intensification and incentivisation of faculty members for resource generation for Research & development activities as per the SRIHER Resource generation Policy.