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Patent application

  • IPR generated through Department of Science and Technology project entitled “Product development of Phyllanthus amarus Linn., and Murraya koenigii Linn., Spreng formulation for the management of diabetes and associated complications, its Validation, Standardization, Preclinical toxicology and Pharmacological evaluation”. SP.Thyagarajan D Chamudeswari, RP Parameswari. MG Dinesh, M Janani, Srivani Telapolu. Indian Application No: TEMP/E1/27373/2016-CHE.
  • A process of extraction of bio-active compounds exhibiting anticancer property from conus inscriptus and product thereof- application no: E2/2723/2016/CHE CBR NO: 23689 (under process) Mary Elizabeth Gnanambal. K,. Christina. V. S, Shailaja. V. L and Lakshmi Sundaram. R.
  • A process of extraction of bio-active compound anticancer property from cymodocea serrulata and product thereof, application no: 1293/CHE/2015 (under process) Mary Elizabeth Gnanambal. K, Easwaramoorthy. R. Christina. V. S, Lakshmi Sundaram. R and Shailaja. V. L.
  • Process of extraction of bioemulsifiers from Pseudomonas guguanensis Application No: E2/ 2724/2016/CHE. Mary Elizabeth Gnanambal Krishnan, Ramyadevi Koppampudur Chinnaraj, Lakshmi Raman Sundaram.

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